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Bilby – Walkin 2 The Lake

posted by tommy

Did you buy yourself a fresh set of tribal talismans cause it seems as if your luck has changed for the better. You’ve just happened to stumble upon sounddoctrineblog on a rare and wonderful day. It’s a Bilby day. Hold on there though my pal, that’s not all. No, it’s not even Bilby month. This is Year Of The Bilb. The dude has unleashed a fresh new five tracker on us and I’ve heard from the online forums that’s it’s just a taster before the next LP (also due this year). So big things ahead, but let’s take a moment of Mindfulness to savour the flavour in the here and now. A snack sized release with incredibly clever lyrical moments.

A lot of my favourites come from ‘SYDNEY RAPPER’, his call-out track to contemporary sydney MCs. “Take the gun sounds outta your song, do it for fun not for the funds” or “My mixtape is alright mate and your mixtape is a migraine” are both small miracles in themselves but a hugely underrated part of Blinky Trill’s rap game is his hook writing. The chorus on ‘SYDNEY RAPPER’ is so pristine, pure and memorable. It’s a layered vocal and it’s delivered sweetly atop some thickly dimensional production from Atlanta producer type Meltycanon. Then there’re tracks like ‘Barnaby Joints’ which is his mandatory weed track (“more importantly f**k the AFP”) and also sees one of my favourite new phrases in the form of ‘Joe Hockey Blunts’. Just dwell on that for a minute. Nobody knows what it means but it’s provocative, it gets the people going.

The way Bilby uses his vocal is constantly changing, moving from an attention to repeated words to repeated syllables to elongated sounds to party-popper quick verse. The dude’s a visionary of the highest echelon and I would like him to be my dad thanks. Even the art for this record is remarkable. It’s a holistic experience and it deserves to be block mounted in your study so that every time you’re struggling with that writer’s block you just can’t seem to shake, you can look up at lil animated Blinky Trill and see what true creativity looks like.

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