Bilby – Stingray (Arthur Wimble Remix)

posted by tommy

As a rule of thumb, I don’t write about anything signed to my baby label TEEF on Sound Doctrine. I guess you might say I’ve got too much integrity or that I’m too credible or maybe that I’m too smart or gorgeous. Frankly, it could be any or all of those things, but the upshot is that the artists that I work directly with, those that I obviously like more than most others releasing music in Australia, don’t get championed through my main championship medium. Which is sort of crazy, when you think on it.

Not today though chaps, we’ve found a loophole! One of those same special few signed to TEEF has gone and remixed himself a version of Bilby’s Stingray and before you hit me with your dumb old questions, here are the sparknotes. Arthur Wimble is an anonymous producer slash vocalist from Brisbane with a seraph’s throat. Bilby is quite honestly one of the most interesting rappers in the country and dropped one of the standout local records of 2016 in the form of Botanicals. Slam the two of them in an e-room together and you’ve got yourself a time. Outcome: Woozy synths jumping on and off key and vocals brought right to the top on a track full of lyrical keystones and remarkably flippant melodies that whip and change ad nauseam.

It’s the first dose from Strain of Origin VI, a compilation series that sees artists paired off and remixing each other. It’s part of the long term community building that label Feral Media has dedicated itself to for a bunch of years now and an inspiration to a character like me who’s only been a short term addition to the local label landscape. The full record will be out real soon and will feature Aphir, Bilby, Artie Wimble, Tangents, Pendant, Lovely Head, Aphir, Reuben Ingall, Hence Therefore and Rebel Yell all flipping each others’ tunes. That’s something worth getting excited for.

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