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I probably forgot to tell you because last time we hung out we spent the whole time playing Goat Simulator in complete silence but I actually went and got a new job? I’m over at triple j Unearthed dot com now which means I’m actually listening to Too Much Australian Music and I sure as hell don’t have time to tell you about all the amazing new songs I’m coming across because it’s something in the vacinity of a million(ish) per day which, you’d have to admit, is quite a few. So I’d like to introduce you to a new segment. It’s called Discover and it’s where I’ll hit you with ten songs that I’ve found on unearthed that are hitting me right in the sound doc regions (just above the groin but below the waist still). So why don’t you read ahead and maybe you’ll learn something for once in your life you big dunce. It’s tune time my friends!

Rei So La – Joy 

I’ma member of a facebook group about sharing cute songs. I shared this one and I’m pretty sure I nailed the brief.

Defective – Blunt

Gorgeous, weird, unpredictable. A strange melody through a strange filter over some piano pops for a minute thirty five.

Imbi The Girl – Acidic 

 Noname was my reference for this one and sure, it’s a bold call but I’m standing by it.

Carmouflage Rose – Late Nights 

 So. Hooky. Brisbane is in the midst of a bit of a hip-hop moment and Rose is one of my favourite of the scene

Dessert Island – The Quarry

 1:58 onwards was the scene my calmest moments this week. Dessert Island, you bloody took me there and I love you for it.

Kaiit – Natural Woman 

 Whatta voice + whatta vibe. Worth watching the video for this one too, Kaiit’s crew is a big value add

Wolfjay – For A Moment 

This was an unexpected find. The production isn’t fully realized but that voice is ticking boxes.

Greta Stanley – Burden For Certain 
Far North Queensland

Excuse me, the gorgeous shop called and they want their… uh… anyway, this is a really pretty one.

Holiday Party – I’m Still Here 

Holiday Party come from a rich pedigree of artistry so it makes sense that their first track together is such a high scorer.

Can’t fault a damn thing.

Flamingo Jones – The Island Does Crazy Things 

Flamingo Jones probably love Animal Collective (like… a lot) but this is their best song yet. The build is good and it feels less of a gimmick, more of a song than past offerings.

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