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A friend recently tried to argue to me that time is a man-made construct and I’m here to tell you today that he is extremely wrong. Time is actually my friend’s name with an extra ‘E’ on the end of it. Time (sp.) is actually a herb. Time is actually the most valuable currency on the planet and based on my current #life situation, I’m absolutely eligible for some sort of governmental time dole. Once I’ve got my paperwork in I’ll be soakingm up those sweet Turbull minutes. It’s the premiere reason that I never wrote about the first song ‘Please’, from this new Huntly EP, which was out-n-out remarkable recording and I deeply regret not addressing its existence.

The universe has given me the chance to rectify my mistakes and today I deliver you another new song from the EP. It’s out through one of my favourite local labels Neat Lawn, which makes sense as it’s the sort of homegrown indie-pop that they’re known to trade in. The whole EP is out today but my favourite (of the ones you’ve not yet heard) is Kate’s Bed. It meanders slowly through comfortable melodies and familiar feeling lyrics, Elspeth’s voice warm and compelling right through to the song’s flip at 2:20. It’s almost a shame they don’t experiment with some stranger production given how riveting that central moment is but then there’s also an art in not overcooking a song like this. Clock the whole EP on Spotify or on limited edition 10″ via the Neat Lawn bandcamp

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