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I probably forgot to tell you because last time we hung out we spent the whole time playing Goat Simulator in complete silence but I actually went and got a new job? I’m over at triple j Unearthed dot com now which means I’m actually listening to Too Much Australian Music and I sure as hell don’t have time to tell you about all the amazing new songs I’m coming across because it’s something in the vacinity of a million(ish) per day which, you’d have to admit, is quite a few. So I’d like to introduce you to a new segment. It’s called Discover and it’s where I’ll hit you with ten songs that I’ve found on unearthed that are hitting me right in the sound doc regions (just above the groin but below the waist still). So why don’t you read ahead and maybe you’ll learn something for once in your life you big dunce. It’s tune time my friends!

Rei So La – Joy 

I’ma member of a facebook group about sharing cute songs. I shared this one and I’m pretty sure I nailed the brief.

Defective – Blunt

Gorgeous, weird, unpredictable. A strange melody through a strange filter over some piano pops for a minute thirty five.

Imbi The Girl – Acidic 

 Noname was my reference for this one and sure, it’s a bold call but I’m standing by it.

Carmouflage Rose – Late Nights 

 So. Hooky. Brisbane is in the midst of a bit of a hip-hop moment and Rose is one of my favourite of the scene

Dessert Island – The Quarry

 1:58 onwards was the scene my calmest moments this week. Dessert Island, you bloody took me there and I love you for it.

Kaiit – Natural Woman 

 Whatta voice + whatta vibe. Worth watching the video for this one too, Kaiit’s crew is a big value add

Wolfjay – For A Moment 

This was an unexpected find. The production isn’t fully realized but that voice is ticking boxes.

Greta Stanley – Burden For Certain 
Far North Queensland

Excuse me, the gorgeous shop called and they want their… uh… anyway, this is a really pretty one.

Holiday Party – I’m Still Here 

Holiday Party come from a rich pedigree of artistry so it makes sense that their first track together is such a high scorer.

Can’t fault a damn thing.

Flamingo Jones – The Island Does Crazy Things 

Flamingo Jones probably love Animal Collective (like… a lot) but this is their best song yet. The build is good and it feels less of a gimmick, more of a song than past offerings.

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As a rule of thumb, I don’t write about anything signed to my baby label TEEF on Sound Doctrine. I guess you might say I’ve got too much integrity or that I’m too credible or maybe that I’m too smart or gorgeous. Frankly, it could be any or all of those things, but the upshot is that the artists that I work directly with, those that I obviously like more than most others releasing music in Australia, don’t get championed through my main championship medium. Which is sort of crazy, when you think on it.

Not today though chaps, we’ve found a loophole! One of those same special few signed to TEEF has gone and remixed himself a version of Bilby’s Stingray and before you hit me with your dumb old questions, here are the sparknotes. Arthur Wimble is an anonymous producer slash vocalist from Brisbane with a seraph’s throat. Bilby is quite honestly one of the most interesting rappers in the country and dropped one of the standout local records of 2016 in the form of Botanicals. Slam the two of them in an e-room together and you’ve got yourself a time. Outcome: Woozy synths jumping on and off key and vocals brought right to the top on a track full of lyrical keystones and remarkably flippant melodies that whip and change ad nauseam.

It’s the first dose from Strain of Origin VI, a compilation series that sees artists paired off and remixing each other. It’s part of the long term community building that label Feral Media has dedicated itself to for a bunch of years now and an inspiration to a character like me who’s only been a short term addition to the local label landscape. The full record will be out real soon and will feature Aphir, Bilby, Artie Wimble, Tangents, Pendant, Lovely Head, Aphir, Reuben Ingall, Hence Therefore and Rebel Yell all flipping each others’ tunes. That’s something worth getting excited for.

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I haven’t been as taken with a local EP this year as I have been with this Stella Donnelly EP (amazingly titled Thrush Metal). She’s fresh outta Perth, or more accurately fresh in Perth as she’s still there. She’s released Thrush Metal via one of my two favourite local record labels, the wonderful Healthy Tapes (the other is Spirit Level, FYI). Healthy Tapes is, true to its name, largely focused around cassette releases and Stella has bumped out no less than five pressings now as the damn things keep selling, a testament to the magic on those tape spools. Truly she channels the holy trinity of lyrics, voice and performance and I just don’t even know what to do anymore because I like it so much and maybe there’s a Stella Donnelly AA-like meeting where we can all talk about how we ended up here and make amends for the things we did to other people and look this is a tangent we don’t need to follow any further so come on let’s just have another listen just one more listen please I need this you don’t understand. There’s no production tropes tweaking your ears but rather very earnestly delivered ideas, sung wonderfully with just the slightest hint of vibrato and thoughtfully positioned acoustic guitar.

As the best artists always do, SD makes it tough to pick a favourite song from the record. ‘Grey’ has my favourite vocal melody that hugs the acoustic guitar line like a pair of teens cuddling their way down a grassy slope. Then there’s ‘Mean To Me’ which is sad and sweet in equal measure, playful but hurting all the while. And then dammmmmn, this has gotta be the one that drives you gut first into the zone of no return but ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is utterly ruinous. It’s a song about sexual assault and it’s societal perceptions (our collective penchant for victim blaming) and Stella’s voice will completely tear you apart. Somehow she manages to talk directly to survivor, perpetrator and perpetrators father while changing person occasionally to callous bystander. I can’t quite say how she coherently navigates these different voices but Donnelly, you’re a special sort of artist and we need you right now.

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Sound Doctrine embedding youtube instead of a soundcloud link? What chicanery is this? What else is a middle aged blogger to do when the video content so perfectly matches the audio though, I can’t very well keep it from you. Love Deluxe is a #brand #new Sydney producer making recordings in a way that’s proving itself incredibly hard to describe. A little disco? A (very) little house? Perhaps the best indicator of what you’re about to ingest is the song’s title. It’s the literal translation of Keanu Reeves’ name which is extremely meritorious in itself, but surely no song title has better paralleled its sonic makeup than ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’. It’s a fresh burst of air, driven through the Summer alpines. It’s smooth and refreshing like an Aperol Spritz in a non-sponsored blog. So, in summary, this excellent song has an excellent video and an excellent title and wow the harmony of it all and I just don’t even know what to do about it anymore short of my summarily executed youtube repeat cycle.

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Sydney’s Georgia Mulligan quietly slid this one under the Internet’s bedroom door at roughly 11:19pm a few weeks ago so it’s no wonder we didn’t discover it until the next morning. Sorry for sleeping on this one G Mully. Let’s get the obvious out of the way – what a voice. What an absolute joy, those tones and that delivery, I need never hear another vocal again. This is the end of the line, shut it down fellas – no more choirs and certainly no more solo vocalists. But when applied to what is also an excellent song, recorded with just the right degree of lo-fi as to give the thing a little flavour without going full twee? Well that’s just about too much isn’t it. It flooded me a few times in a row before I could push pause and even now, I’m hitting repeat on the thing as I write this. It’s laced with some fairly caustic heartbreak so you’d best be advised not to participate in this one during any breakup zones.

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