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Arthur Wimble

posted by tommy

I have absolutely no information on this one bar that he’s from Brisbane and he’s up on Triple J Unearthed dot com but that’s enough to get me through at the moment. It’s a fairly simple track with James Blake inspired chord progressions and a vocal loop built around ten words. There’s a sprinkling of glass sounds that could have been lifted from the announcement of a wedding toast and the modulation of their pitch is what allows the rythm to become part melody too. It also lifts this from what might be called down tempo electronica into something a touch more energetic. Bonus x-files synth in the background for added #mystery and we’ve got ourselves a tasty teaser. He’s probably affectionately called Artie Wimbie to his friends and I’ll be furthering that nickname as we speak. Shout it with me, ARTIE WIMBIE! Scream it!

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