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Herzeloyde – Myhussle

posted by tommy

Here’s one from Melbourne storm trooper Herzeloyde that’ll have you [absolutely bare minimum] nodding your head in the Qantas executive lounge. Wait, what am I doing at the airport? You’re ABOUT TO TAKE OFF SON. Hit play on this thing and see if you’re still seated in two minutes time and if you are then you just don’t get it, you don’t. I’ve been doing big ol’ gangster arms to this thing in my glass cube at work and given the nature of glass (fairly transparent, most of the time) it’s been a statement of intent for the rest of my business day.

So huge thanks to Herzeloyde who has soundtracked my burgeoning office manhood but also provided what would be the ideal track for Danny Brown to rap over. Can you imagine? WELL STOP IMAGINING. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Here is that exact thing, just a little tasty taste.

He’s a bastion of soundcloud culture so go deep

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  1. stoner

    jeeezz dude knows how to drop a bass

  2. 10/08/2015

    He drops so many basses simultaneously