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Tram Cops

posted by tommy

I started writing the draft of this post by accusing you of having not read the last time I wrote about Tram Cops. I’ll need to put my hand up here though, apparently I’ve never written about Tram Cops. I’ve written about Michael’s earlier project, the simply titled Lawrence but Tram Cops? Well that’s my hidden shame.

Trying to apply a genre to tram cops is about as viable as trying to apply a leash to a pet cicada and let me tell you here and now, Cedric does not much like it when I try to tether him. So let’s leave that fools errand for other music “writers” and do what we do best here: spruik artisanal, bio-ethical mp3s. This one’s a bloody good one, refrained around the mantra of “I stand on stolen land”, with more than a handful of production ideas coming in and out like tides. It comes from Even In My Dreams, the freshly released full LP, and it’s indicative of the noodling, wing-nut orchestra that’s involved in this record, a menagerie of instrumentalists enlisted to birth the sprawling beast. It’s hard to pick just a few tracks that’ll express the diverse strangeness of this record but here’s a brace for you.

I don’t say this lightly but Tram Cops give me the same feeling that D.D Dumbo did very early on. The feeling that I’m listening to an outsider, an artist entirely in his own lane who might explode into cult fandom or who could just as easy reach no one. Explode. Please explode.

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