Darwin Deez

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In 2009 Darwin Deez was the man/band of the hour. He dropped an album called Constellations and everyone went wild! Of course I told myself I wouldn’t post about him because he doesn’t need the exposure and there’s a thousand other blogs where you could read about Darwin Deez but his tracks have been reverberating through my dome since their release. I recently read an article about the problem with music blogs that touched on this exact idea.

In the liner notes of Constellations we read that all songs were performed, produced, arranged, engineered and mixed by Darwin Deez. D.I.Y at it’s finest. I like that. Here is a video of his major single, Radar Detector. If you didn’t hear this on Triple J in the last 6 months then you weren’t listening properly. Or maybe you were listening to FBi or 2ser in which case you just indie one upped me. Ouch.

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