March of the Real Fly

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The Blue Mountains are not just a hotspot for Christian engagements and budding teenage photographers, they’re also home to some swell musicians. Some of those musicians are in a band called March of the Real Fly. We may never know what they could do with a decent budget and quality gear. What we do know though, is that with a $50 recording program and $2 mics they can make some pretty, simple (not to be confused with pretty simple) tunes. Here’s one such.

March of the Real Fly – Morning Man

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I find the production endearing but I’ve always had a crush on lo-fi recording. If you want to download their live EP or the Morning Man single (for free) then click this link. For a little more info scope out their myspace.

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  1. [...] Remember these dudes / these songs? Of course you do. They had a lasting impression on mostly through this really sweet honesty that they had to their lo-fi jams. Since those early days its been a tale of progress and touring as the band brought all round nice guy Tim Fitz into the equation which was never going to be a bad idea. And here with are with a new single (though in this story we’re breezing past the tracks they’ve dropped in the interim) that comes replete with an equally charming video to boot. I love these dudes. Something about Camm’s vocal delivery that reminds me of something else, but I can’t put my finger on what, or who. That last sentence may be an all time low for me, now that I look at it. Is there anything less useful than a simile comparing something you can’t identify to something else you can’t identify? The answer is yes, any song by Jinja Safari. Around the 21 second mark is the best example of what we’re talking about with those drawn out syllables that just don’t make sense within the frame of triple J-esque pop. I keep wondering if March will ever find their way into that world populated by Ball Park music and co. I mean, by virtue of sheer melody they should. Heaven knows they can write the ass off a tune and there’s a whole bunch of energy that just won’t quit but it’s missing padding. Hold on, I said that wrong. Their songs aren’t missing padding, they just don’t have padding. Which is great. There’s a pervading sense of space in every track that’s probably the product of clipped tones and cut vocals that you just don’t seem to hear most anywhere else at the moment. Hopefully the world is ready for their jelly. [...]