jah LOON – Dandelion

posted by tommy

You’re out there looking for that elusive Trump impeachment but I’m here to tell ya that it’s Australian media who should be first in line for indictment. How you all slept on this for the past 9 days is beyond me but I’m doing the Lord’s work in correcting your malfeasance. ‘Dandelion’ feels like something that might have lived comfortably on East To West blog back in the day (RIP). It’s full of cleverly fabricated beats, tweets, twirls, beeps and whistles. Among those are a collection of traditional Chinese instruments and though I can’t tell you whether they’re simply sampled or made-to-measure, the effect is endearing and warm, feeling more earthed than synthetic. Go in-

There’s scant little online about jah LOON. The most I can share is that it’s a solo project spun out of Melbourne with a first single out through ‘Bony Baby Records’ (likely a self-run label). Here’s the Unearthed profie.

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