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Ojikae – Existentiality

posted by tommy

I believe it was Socrates who first coined the phrase “Flaunt it if ya got it” and there’s no a doubt in my mind that he’d appreciate it’s application in regards to this brand new Ojikae number. It’s the mantle under which Italian-Australian Matt Cicero operates and it’s one you’ll hear roll out the mouths of presenters and pundits across the tail end of 2017. The dude has pipes on pipes and ‘Existentiality’ toes the line of vocal showcasing without quite falling into the realm of cheesy balladry. It still feels raw as guts and even though its production is clever, paralleling the lyrical feeling well, it doesn’t feel spit-shined into oblivion. Got a hunch that this is one of those ‘debut singles’ that are actually not really the debut single but more of a relaunch but it’s effectively the same thing innit? Hell, what do I know? If you’re a fan of Timberlake or contemporary neo-soul types like JMSN you’re gonna vibe this. Lots of feelings and a trigger warning for anyone whose girl just left them. Apologies for lamely including two Socrates quotes in one post but as the great philosopher once said, “This thing bangs harder than a pneumatic hammer”.

It’s the first signing to the newly minted THANK GUARD label imprint, a brand name that found its feet putting on hip-hop nights in Melbourne.
Get him on triple j unearthed right here.

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