Cool Party – Lights Out

posted by tommy

Does Nick Acquroff have solid gold pipes? Does Liv Gavranich have solid gold pipes? Would solid gold pipes actually be of any auditory value? Wow, those are some good questions, maybe let’s write some of them down and come back to them later because right now it’s alistening time. Picture yourself two separate circles. Those two circles as the voices of Liv and Nick, the two souls who constitute the newly formed Cool Party. Now put those two circles directly over each other. Looks like one circle now, huh? That’s the ven diagram of their overlapping voices. And while that made a whole lot of sense in my head but literally none on paper, their voices entwined make sense in every which format (but particularly mp3). Liv has the hushed intimacy of a candlelit conversation while Nick’s is wrapped in bold warmth of your grandfather’s firmest hug.

And before you get at me for embedding the Unearthed player like I’m a 100% company man now, know that this song is only available on Unearthed so there were no two ways about it.

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