Martin King – The Way We Crush

posted by tommy

Immeasurably tough in its drum and bass elements and remarkably tender on the vocal side, The Way We Crush is a masterstroke from Martin King. He used to be one half of seminal Melbourne duo Oscar & Martin (he was Oscar) and since then he’s made waves with his lovelycool band The Harpoons. Everyone has been all “hey Martin wassup man, come make some Cool Marty songs” and obviously the pressure got to him because lately he’s been doing that. And this one, this one is a livejournal earthquake, all feelings and power. “I know you are outta reach for me still” – we’ve all been there. But let’s level here, this song needs to be all over Triple J like snakes on eggs else they don’t even know what’s what. This has the unbridled energy that’ll make for great radio and more emotional resonance than near anything else on the air.

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