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Andrew Tuttle – Fantasy League

posted by Dat Mavis

First as Anonyme and now under his own name, Andrew Tuttle has long been making music of the most natural order, inextricable from place and time. Australia has a long history of this. A basketful of the countries most recognisable artists, from Archie Roach through Boomgates have hinged their creativity (consciously or otherwise) on placing their context within their music.

Tuttle’s new record Fantasy League differs in that it doesn’t rely on words to conjur the images, they’re embedded in the sounds. The record shifts in hazy textures. Whorls of guitar are overcome by droning rhythms, to be overtaken by thundering organs or fluttering electronic blips. Fantasy League is heat, it is the long summer, the break of the rain, humidity. The escape. Ideas are presented, developed like maths problems and then slowly disintegrated, or theatrically imperious-thundering across the soundscape, at others moments the hot wind flows through. Fantasy League is Australia in texture and feeling, without saying a thing.

The album is due out this month via Someone Good, an imprint of Lawrence English’s Room40 and you can cop it right here.

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