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Tim Fitz – Hospital

posted by tommy

The new single from Tim fitz is reportedly definitely the herald of an album impending. Just quietly, but actually not that quietly as this is an unprotected public website, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to said album and it’s rife with experimental oddities and bizarro synth moments and all in all it’s just really endearing. There are some truly creative production choices, especially on the slower more ambient tracks which give more breathing space to both bassline and piano struts which are likely Fitz’s biggest strengths. For the moment though, you’ve just got this first taste with which to content yourself. It’s weird, it’s whacky, it’s euphoric and it’s more infectious than Ebola which is considered by many to be pretty infectious I reckon. Stream at it.

Tim Fitz will be performing in support of Oscar Key Sung & JONES Jnr. as part of the debut Sound Doctrine showcase (co-presented with Circular Key) at FBi Social on May 30. Not to be missed.

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  1. sam

    I like it
    my first impression was:
    but then it wasn’t at all like that after all

  2. tommy

    Pretty fair comparison though, at least initially!