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Oscar Key Sung – It’s Coming / Sure Thing

posted by tommy

I’m going to place these before you largely without comment. Actually you know I’m not going to be able to help myself, without a LOT of comment. Two new tracks from Oscar that are mouthwateringly good and are pretty indicative of the direction he’s heading. I think his strength lies in his constant evolution and we’re seeing the mid-to-end stage of his most recent metamorphosis. I’m rather glad to be able to share with you a talent as prodigious as this man so it’s hard for me to avoid gushing out something overly weighty and pregnant with praise. I’ll simply say that there’s a bright future for any individual who can drop tracks like these on a whim. The first is a slow building beast that speaks volumes about Oscar’s attention to production while the second is a cover of Miguel’s Sure Thing that doesn’t deviate too far from the original. The key lesson learned here though, is that the guy has a set of pipes on him. We always knew he could knock up a legitimate beat but this is a hell of a vocal showing. For those interested to see how this translates live then your time is nigh, come see him headline at FBI Social on Thursday, 30th May.

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  1. [...] the second beat tape he’s dropped so rather than comparing it to most recent single ‘It’s Coming‘ you’d be better off putting it next to Tape Beats EP from 2011. This particular beast [...]

  2. 18/07/2014

    I keep coming back to this excellent piece of slow pounding beats & jam (PB&J) like an old friend.

  3. tommy

    This truly may be the best song I’ve ever posted.

  4. L2R

    nice…. love it!!!