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Laurence – William, Andromeda

posted by tommy

I found myself leaning into my desktop as I listened to Andromeda, the first track from Laurence’s debut record William, Andromeda (though not the first song by that name we’ve shared together). I found myself leaning inward because the vocals have been levelled quite low and they’re delivered in an entirely vulnerable, quivering hush. It’s quite captivating even if it’s forced me to have my volume screamingly high and the bleeps and blips pulsing out of my office are likely doing our office junior’s head in, but that’s my divinely attributed right as a top-dog big-budget cash-money mega-hyphenated business-type. My high roller status appears heavily at odds with a record this grounded in humility though, so for the purposes of aural relationship I’m going to drop the pretense and recognise this for the rich and resonant expression that it is. Thematically it’s about the struggles involved in maintaining a relationship with someone suffering from mental illness and that content is lyrically present and underscored by a subtlety of sound and a serious attention to detail across the various soundscapes on the record. The layering and the mixed down vocals remind me a lot of Youth Lagoon’s Year of Hibernation. I’ve chosen two tracks to get you started but I really, really think you should listen to the whole record rather than these singular cuts.

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  1. 25/06/2013

    Wow. That’s really beautiful. Thank you for putting this up for me to stumble over. Az

  2. 25/06/2013

    Mate, I’m also a huge fan of this fella. Featured him (track: Floor) on this week’s episode of our podcast and soon to be reviewed. An absolutely brilliant album and, like you, I had a lot of trouble trying to pick a track to use. I completely agree, this album needs to be heard as a whole piece.

    Big ups for Laurence as some of the proceeds from this will go to charities related to mental illness. Well deserved feature, glad to see him on here.

  3. 25/06/2013

    PS, for those who haven’t seen the vid for Andromeda you need to do so:


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