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posted by tommy

This post is about three things and all three of those things are Valar. There are two sub categories however, and those are the incredible yet two month old live recording they did of a never-before-heard track called ‘Uptight’ and the dramatic price drop of their debut EP. I’ll keep this short.

The song/video rules. The EP is now THREE DOLLARS. That’s a pittance. If you’ve been sitting on their bandcamp streaming their album, never dipping into your pockets for the necessary five dollars then now’s your chance to redeem your honour. That’s a two dollar coin and a one dollar coin. Mathematics. I know. Finance aside it was one of the very best EP’s released last year. Rawkblog certainly thought so.

Smash this into your eyes.

While I have your attention, here’s another new track that James played without the aid of the rest of the band during his particularly short American tour.

Matt Davis, you’re welcome.