Jordan Ireland With Purple Orchestra – East Coaster

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‘East Coaster’ is the first single from a Jordan Ireland’s next musical adventure, titled Jordan Ireland With Purple Orchestra. That’s the name of he and his band and the album both. Jordan’s gone and hired the most industrial strength excavators and probably one of those mining supermachines that are at once super awesome and super horrifying. Then, he’s piloted both these megacreatures into the center of this song and he’s burrowed down. He hits bedrock but it doesn’t stop him. He tears through the earth’s mantle and week’s later he’s found the inner core. “Well, this is as good a spot as any” he exclaims, covered in grime and sweat, hard labour evident in the whites of his eyes. With soft hands and iron will, he buries his vocal, underneath debris, production, organ sounds and earthmatter. Now he must refill the gaping wound. “This is what I must do” he mutters, too quiet for anyone to hear. And why would they? He is alone, alone in his brilliance and his glory.

Got a bit caught up over here but this is a very nice song. There’s a whole record due January 20 which Jordan worked on over a bunch of time with Greg Walker aka Machine Translations.

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  1. 09/12/2016

    What a nice journey.