Super Magic Hats – Coastlines

posted by tommy

Super Magic Hats has never been a feature on Sound Doctrine because I’m a big idiot who needs to be beaten over the head with something before he’ll recognise its worth but consider me bruised because this track a top dollar production. It’s real easy like to chuck a few xylo’s atop a slow beat and cap the whole thing off with a healthy slathering of whispy vocal. I mean, it’s as easy as going to the effort of doing all those things, which still incorporates some level of effort but isn’t exactly a production masterclass, right? ‘Coastlines’ is the sort of production effort that you can exhibit next to one of the afformentioned tracks and immediately learn a lot from. Why does this one sound so much fuller? Why does the guitar part sound clearer? Why is the bass warmer? How come this sample comes in and out so much more smoothly? Can I cash in my McMonopoly coupons at Burger King? Sure there’s mixing and mastering involved in all that jazz but there’s also just a whole bunch of experience and this track is probably self mixed anyway so wipe the egg off your face son, you just got informed. [Real name] Rob Masterton has been at it a few years now and in the lead-up to a very strong EP out in late September, there’s never been a more perfect time to climb aboard.

He also runs a pretty strong twitter game.

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