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Sufjan – Gloria! Songs For Christmas Vol. VI

posted by tommy

I have to be quick because I need to be at work in less time than it’ll take me to get this posted so here’s the short summary. Sufjan has five discs worth of Christmas songs, each recorded year by year. He’s just released a brand new Christmas album (he’s had a productive year huh?) that he’s made in collaboration with the Dessner brothers from the National. At the moment I don’t think it can be purchased but you can stream it in it’s entirety right here. Heck, I haven’t even had time to listen to it again so if it’s rubbish (impossible) then I’m sorry (improbable). Go.

[EDIT: This is no longer available. Apologies.]

If you’d like to download his 42 other Christmas tracks for only $12 then click here. I recommend having a listen to Holy, Holy, Holy at the very least.

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