Megafaun – The Process

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Sarah Adamson once suggested that a she, I and a few of our friends all purchase banjos and start what she casually dubbed ‘a banjo band’. In spite of this being the single worst idea ever, my little mind was awash with thoughts. “Banjos have become the staple instrument of the inner city, flannelette wearing, beard adorned contemporary folk scene”- so ran my inner monologue. Some artists such the mountains’ Luke Webb or Sydney’s Sleepyhands seamlessly meld the banjo into their sound. Nonetheless, even the best of these artists are barely a candle to the banjo fueled bonfire that is Megafaun.

From Megafaun’s Gather, Form and Fly, this is The Process

Megafaun – The Process

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When DeYarmond Edison broke up in 2006 most of the members went on to form Megafaun. The one member that didn’t continue on into Megafaun was a man named Justin Vernon. He went on to start The Bon Overs or Bainivers, or something like that. Whatever it was called I’m sure he’s devastated to have missed out on Megafaun’s success.

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