Leon Sommer

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I could find next to no information about him, so without wasting time, here’s what I assume to be an accurate though unconfirmed backstory to Leon Sommer.

Leon Sommer was conceived in 1984 as, having won $20 on a $1 scratchcard, his parents celebrated with drunkenness and accidental impregnation. Fast forward 7 years. It’s 1991 (simple math). A seven year old Leon Sommer first picks up a guitar. Within 11 minutes he’d written his first song, a wonderful track titled ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Salmon!’. Lyrically it was exactly what people needed to hear at that time but another fifteen minutes later he recorded the track using a MacBook, some straw and several paper cups, renaming it ‘Sun Looks’. Shortly afterwards Leon was signed to Sony BMG. After a falling out between label and artist a lengthy court case ensued which left Sun Looks bound up in legal proceedings until mid 2010. Finally, Sony traded the rights to Sun Looks for several magic beans and Leon was able to take control of his music once more. In the August this year Leon Sommer was awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for his work in astrology, having found the 13th sign of the zodiac. Leon now resides in Geneva where he is simultaneously the assistant to the UN secretary general and world bantam-weight boxing champion.

Leon Sommer – Sun Looks

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If you want to hear more from the man, the myth, the legend, then visit his bandcamp. His most recent collection of tracks is available for download with the option of paying nothing or something. I recommend you at least give him something. Heads up courtesy of Holly at East to West.

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