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If you’re at all familiar with indie-award-winning-pseudo-literary music blog Sound Doctrine you’ll know that we don’t do a whole bunch of giveaways, because we’re a combination of underfunded and uninspired. Also, there’s not really a ‘we’, it’s just me. Or I, or whatever. Anyway, it’s not that I don’t want to give you good things it’s just you’re better than a free ticket to Busby Marou or a promotional copy of the new Mumford record. So in celebration of getting some cool guy memorabilia made up for myself (see above) I’ve got my hands on a few very, very, very (very) limited edition split EPs by The Middle East / Sleeping In Trains (see below). I’ve got fifteen of these to give away in a week’s time when I’ll physically pulling names out of a literal hate. Maybe a snap back cap, maybe a bowler, this is yet to be decided.




These were first available at their shows about six or seven years back. I got mine when they played a set at Blackstump (I know right!?) and to this day, the four Middle East tracks from this split are #2, #5, #6, #7 in my all-time most played songs. That first set blew my mind just as they did every subsequent time I saw them on stage.

Let’s not underplay the tracks from Sleeping In Trains though. Their side of the split is outrageously good. Sleeping In Trains was the band from which Mark Myers would emerge to join The Middle East (and his own project The Starry Field) so it’s a safe play to assume it’ll be king kong.


1 The Bats and the Brave
2 At Home In Our Convictions
3 The Streets
4 Gold

5 Rabbit Hole
6 Tie your Heart
7 Away
8 Cameron
9 Sweet Dreams