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Georgia Mulligan – Any Given Day

posted by tommy

Sydney’s Georgia Mulligan quietly slid this one under the Internet’s bedroom door at roughly 11:19pm a few weeks ago so it’s no wonder we didn’t discover it until the next morning. Sorry for sleeping on this one G Mully. Let’s get the obvious out of the way – what a voice. What an absolute joy, those tones and that delivery, I need never hear another vocal again. This is the end of the line, shut it down fellas – no more choirs and certainly no more solo vocalists. But when applied to what is also an excellent song, recorded with just the right degree of lo-fi as to give the thing a little flavour without going full twee? Well that’s just about too much isn’t it. It flooded me a few times in a row before I could push pause and even now, I’m hitting repeat on the thing as I write this. It’s laced with some fairly caustic heartbreak so you’d best be advised not to participate in this one during any breakup zones.

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