Laneous & The Family Yah – My Care To You

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While I’ve been writing this I’ve felt like that french balancing guy, though more like a young, attractive, Australian version with plenty of friends and the critical journalistic respect of his peers. Not because I’ve chosen the carny life and ditched my three by two meter cubicle to start walking literal tightropes -that’s ridiculous- but because I’m struggling to be as positive as I feel this Laneous single deserves without losing all written form and spilling into an amorphous mass of press release.

Look, I want to be grounded about this, but it seems as if I can’t help but heap high praise onto this song. The fact of the matter is that it may be the best new song that I’ve heard this year, and that comes from a man who has heard something in the vicinity of twenty to thirty songs thus far. Laneous themselves are less new with a handful of years under the belt and have released more songs now than Client Liaison have released music videos which is- wow, ok, only four. Way more than that then. As a travelling troupe of lovable misfits they’ve teetered delicately across the ‘great live divide’: playing club tours and major festivals alike, and have maintained their balance throughout.

I want you to know the key things here but you mostly just need to know that this song is sort of groundbreaking. It’s actually everything you like about music- think boatloads of sitar-esque noises contrasted with bright synth bounce which combines into what we in the business, ladies and gentleman, like to call modernism. I’m drawing a limp bowstring here but the closest thing I can parallel it to is Kirkis combined with tUnE-YaRdS and if that doesn’t whet your appetite then it’s best I simply stop writing and you start listening. Here we go then.

They’re playing a few East coast shows from the end of the month onward which you would be a straight fool to miss.

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  1. 09/05/2014

    Interesting but accessible & fairly catchy. I reckon it substantially improves on their other Soundcloud song, where Mars Volta seems to meet Yellow Submarine.

  2. tommy

    Killer references Stevenson

  3. 17/02/2016

    Interesting and different. Not sure might grow on me….