Swimming – Remix EP

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Remixes are a tricky beast as I see it, primarily because they’re loathed by some and the lifeblood of others. On my end, I’ll usually select the ‘excluding remixes’ option on hype machine because more often than not, they can piss right off. They seem an unnecessary piece of content that’s most often singularly designed to keep the artist-consumer conversation going. Got a record just released but still four months until your east coast tour? Get a remix EP out there fella. Usually it just screams filler.

I’m analyzing these differently because I’m highly biased toward Swimming who are most glorious beings (praise upon their name) doing things in Adelaide that aint no one else doing anywhere. More than the sum of my preconceptions though, there’s something about the voices of sisters Angela and Katie Schilling that lend themselves flawlessly to the blissful production underscoring these new takes. Glamour Lakes and Super Magic Hats have both included slightly more muscle but neither here enter the banger realm. There’re enough producer/vocalist duos in Australia’s capital cities right now to dramatically affect the next census but if someone were to pitch these five songs as the work of a brand new entity they’d have both my ears and my words. So ignore anything bracketed in the below song titles and receive them anew, the fresh fruits of an unknown labour. It shouldn’t be too hard given how criminally underrepresented Swimming have been across all medias since the release of their debut record which is, incidentally, the source of all stems here and 100% worth tracking down.

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