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Stolen Violin

posted by tommy

Why didn’t any of you tell me about this? You’re not even worth keeping around if you’re not going to keep me up to speed, especially on the projects of former Middle East members. Having heard tunes from Rohin, Bree, Mark and co, it’s now Jordan’s opportunity to put forward his solo fare. It’s wobbly and distorted and says to me that maybe, just maybe, the lot of them shouldn’t have split since stylistically it’s not that different from where Rohin’s R.L Jones project was at, the last time we heard from it, anyway. Spunk have a vinyl pre-order available now that will supposedly allow you access to a digital download of a single? the record? I don’t even know, it was kind of vague. All I know is I’ve put my dollars down and I’m still hanging out for all those digital bits I was promised. He’s adopted the moniker ‘Stolen Violin’ which has a rather nice ring to it but doesn’t make for difficult googling and he has a record due out… soon. I need to hear more.

*UPDATE* It’s a full album download with the record pre-order. Get on that. Or you can purchase it on iTunes presently.

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  1. 28/06/2013

    “maybe, just maybe, the lot of them shouldn’t have split”

    You never said a truer word. The big overseas tour killed them! They should have stayed low key like they all are now, doing some solo stuff, doing some combined stuff, and staying cool. Meanwhile, we are left with the crumbs of a great band whose parts don’t equal the whole.

  2. 28/06/2013

    And I think I may like this the best of any of the solos so far.