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Jeremy Neale – In Stranger Times

posted by tommy

I didn’t manage to secure an exclusive on this track but what I did get for all y’all is an exclusive Jeremy Neale image (see above) that you won’t see on any other bliggity-blogz. Nope, not the coup I was aiming for but still a big deal I’d say. The tune I have to accompany said image is called ‘In Stranger Times’ and features Brisbane woman-quartet Go Violets who in-and-of-themselves make some pretty swell tunes. When two forces for good (see picture above) unite, one can expect positive vibes and that’s exactly what one gets right here. What we’ve always known without question is that Jezbot can write some big hooks (see: Darlin’ + Love Affair) and the addition of Go Violets in the chorus of this new track is a hell of strong decision from the Jeremy Neale board of directors. I thought Jeremy had debuted with what would probably be his opus in Darlin’ but this trumps all that came before. I’d also like to take this opportunity to coin the Jeremy Neale Drinking Game™ wherein one must consume part of or even an entire alcoholic beverage any time the word ‘Baby’ or ‘Girl’ features on a Jeremy track. You can work the specifics out for yourself but obviously I’ve staked my claim on all future income. He’ll soon be releasing a new EP which will feature his extensive canon of good-time hits at which point the mighty will look upon his works and despair.

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