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Bon Iver – Calgary

posted by tommy

Remember when you created your first email address? At the time you thought you could best sum up your personality with something like skaterboirugby377@yahoo.com and you were all up on yahoo chat like it didn’t even matter. Eventually you created a new hotmail address before coming of age and deciding that it was time to take off your training wheels and join the big kids at gmail. All the while, that first email address has sat stagnant, out of comission and worth nothing to noone – until today. Today you can sign that email address up to Bon Iver’s mailing list and receive a free download of the first single of his soon to be released self titled album. Boom.

Or you could just use your current regular address. Whatever works. Have a listen below or just download the thing here.

Bon Iver – ‘Calgary’

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It’s track 8 from the self titled Bon Iver, out June 21st through Jagjaguwar records.
You can thank Rach for giving me the heads up to give you the heads up.

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  1. rach

    aw man. thought i’d get some credit here, thomas!

  2. tommy

    I’d actually discovered this on TwentyFourBit in my morning google reader update but I’ve amended the post nonetheless!

  3. sam

    it’s a good song.

  4. 17/05/2011

    so good. and tommy i listened to tranatlanticism. good song. i could get into that band.

  5. rach

    I am clearly undeserving! unamend!

  6. tommy

    It’s too late now Rach, you’re immortalised in the only way that truly matters. This is your moment! Emimen wrote a song about this sort of thing!

  7. tommy

    Also, stoked you liked Transatlanticism Garth. It’s all sorts of awesome. Give that whole record a listen if you can get your hands on it.

  8. Natalie

    this is simply wonderful. Your blog is simply wonderful!

  9. tommy

    Thanks Natalie