3 Summer Anthems

posted by tommy

Here are three tracks that will:
● function as a sweet backingtrack to your kickflip compilation video
● make whoever’s sitting in your passenger seat say “whoa, this is so summer!”
● make a girl fall in love with you when you give her a mixtape for Christmas
● help you do a sick 360 invert on a gnarly barrel at Curl Curl

On top of those swell features, you can also create an intentionally nostalgic season. Just listen to one (or all) of these tracks about twice a day for the next three months and I guarantee that you’ll constantly associate it with the summer of ’10/11 for the rest of your life.

The Explorers Club – Last Kiss
The Explorer’s Club are kind of like the Beach Boys crossed with… I guess they’re just kind of like the Beach Boys. Which is to say that they’re exactly like the Beach Boys.

The Walkmen – In The New Year [FREE DOWNLOAD]
My pal Samuel played this song on a drive down Mona Vale Road one time recently and it was pretty sublime. Outrageously good, you should probably listen to this track as you hit 100km/h on a freeway in blazing Summer sun.

Yukon Blonde – Wind Blows [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Lyrically, it’s more Winter than anything else but the gradual build, the Fleet Foxesesque harmonies and the heavy reverb all smack of heatstroke or something.

Feel free to suggest any other tracks you think would go well with this trio. All the better if they have a free download available. Perhaps this three can become a four.

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