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Melpo Mene – Snakes and Lions

posted by tommy

When Tommy told me that he had a secret mission for me I was understandably sceptical. Especially since the last “secret mission” left me 40 dollars out of pocket and bound to a telegraph pole. This one would be more simple he said. I just had to write one post for Sound Doctrine about a track I loved. So here I am, Sam Manchester, currently in the act of guest posting.

This is the most involved I’ve been with Sound Doctrine since sharing with Tommy Cee-Lo Green’s cover of Band of Horses, or the new Sufjan EP [which made us all delighted (people); wordplay!]. Or even when Tommy and I were brainstorming names for his blog – I suggested “tommy faith’s music blog” or “the sound of music” but he took it in a different direction (did he make the right decision? you be the judge).

And now i’ve got some more gold for you! Melpo Mene! They’re an “indie pop” band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their name Mel•pom•e•ne is from mythology meaning “the Muse of tragedy” so you already know they’ll agree with your polaroids and typewriter lifestyle.

Snakes and Lions is their best song; long vocals with clean acoustic and some jonny buckland-esq high points on the electric guitar. If you get it and listen to it while you’re driving I don’t know how you can not be pleased with the results.

Melpo Mene – Snakes and Lions

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[Click here to buy this track on itunes]

they also have a great (live) cover of Kids by MGMT

This has been Sam Manchester, guest posting for The Sound (of Music) Doctrine

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